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"As you start to walk on the way, the way appears." Rumi

We focus on the following business sectors and areas of law in which we have many years of experience assisting clients.  For more information about our previous work, please click on the links below.

our legal services


Having acted for gambling operators, software suppliers,  banks, payment providers, marketing companies, trade associations, regulators, and professional gamblers, we have worked on just about every aspect of the gaming, betting and lottery sectors over the years.


The world is on track to significantly exceed the Paris Agreement target of 1.5 degrees. Global warming and  increasing pollution of our water, air and earth have pushed environmental compliance to the top of the agenda. Accidents happen but it is how you react to them that counts.

tax issues

Oddly, we must like tax as we have been dealing with tax enquiries, investigations, disputes and even prosecutions for over 30 years. Having acted for corporates, partnerships, and individuals, whether in the UK or abroad, we are keen to use our experience and help you.

White collar crime

Facing a criminal investigation for suspected dishonesty offences, such as tax evasion, fraud, false accounting, money laundering or bribery can be the most stressful time in your life. We can give you practical and supportive advice to help manage the process and develop the right strategy to respond to the investigation.

Commercial disputes

A dispute is never welcome in a business, sometimes its unavoidable. If a supplier fails to deliver, an ex employee steals a database, or a partner sues you. We provide a firm hand aiming to bring matters to a swift and cost effective resolution. Keeping objective and focusing on an overall outcome is key.

Food Processing

Highly regulated and time critical, operating a food business can be tough. We have dealt with investigations at most stages of processing: animal welfare, hygiene, pest control, and labelling. Properly implementing an up to date HACCP and using mistakes to improve compliance goes a long way to avoiding a prosecution.

Following the firm

We will be uploading images, videos and text from time to time to give a flavour of the firm’s activities.  Given that a lot of our work is of a confidential nature this content can only scratch the surface.

Upcoming conferences

Peter Wilson often speaks at conferences and workshops on the firm’s specialist areas of legal practice, particularly gambling, as this sector has a lively and prolific conference scene. Shown here is a selection of the events this year that Peter is planning to attend, and he will be speaking at several of them.

SBC's Casino Beats in Malta 21-23 May 2024

Curacao workshop 18-20 June 2024
EASG Symposium Rome 10-13 September
IMGL Conference Rome 21-23 October 2024
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