Tax issues

We can help with tax investigations by HMRC, in your business or personal affairs, or more likely both.  We have experience of civil and criminal investigations and appeals to the Tax Tribunal.


We can assist with investigations by the Environment Agency. We have experience of managing Enforcement Undertakings and responding to criminal investigations for pollution of the environment.  


We can advise on all areas of gambling law and the related services such as payments and advertising. We can assist with gambling licence applications and represent you in civil or criminal investigations. 

food processing

From animal welfare to retail food supply, we have handled numerous investigations in the food chain. We have particular expertise in the meat processing sector.

white collar

We can represent corporate or individual clients facing civil or criminal investigations for white collar offences such as bribery, money laundering, tax evasion or fraud.


We can advise and represent you in all types of commercial disputes and have conducted cases in the High Court, County Court, Court of Appeal and Tax Tribunal.

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