Some of our work

There are more ways to gamble your money than ever before, whether its predicting events during a soccer match, or using Artificial Intelligence to narrow the odds, gambling products and the tools available to the customer have changed a huge amount since we first started advising businesses in the sector. Generally, change has been progress and improved the customer experience and the integrity of the industry. However, that depends much on whether the operator is properly licensed and socially responsible. Certainly, regulation is more onerous for licensed operators than it ever was yet the unlicensed black market has continued to grow, which of course may be related. Regulators could do more to tackle those who operate outside the licensing system and this is likely to be an increasing area of focus. Without doubt, the challenges, changes and  constant customer demand continue to make the gambling sector such an exciting area to work in. Below are some examples of the types of work we have handled. Peter Wilson is a long time member of the International Masters of Gaming Law

compliance & investigations

Its only the punters who should be relying on luck! Operators should not get caught out by their regulators and end up paying huge sums in settlement of compliance checks and investigations. Yet every week there are press releases of ever increasing settlements and repeatedly its for 2 things, social responsibility and anti money laundering failures.
We can review your policies and procedures, doing some live case checks to see in advance whether you are likely to fail a regulator's examination. With big numbers of customers you cannot guarantee that there will be no issues, but you can certainly mitigate the risk of a big loss.


Getting a licence for your gambling operation in any jurisdiction is only the start, yet its often a complex, detailed and time consuming exercise, especially in the UK, which is the jurisdiction we have the most experience in. We are able to help you draft policies (social responsibility, anti bribery, AML etc) and review your business plan, P&L, cashflows etc. We can also give a steer on dealing with the regulator and avoiding unnecessary delays.
We have assisted clients from many jurisdictions in apply for many types of licence, both remote and non remote, for casinos, sports books, lotteries and gambling software to name a few.

Gambling innovations

In the fiercely competitive gambling sector, everyone is looking for an edge and innovative products and services hold out the promise of better entertainment, more customer play, more profit and sometimes, safer gambling. We have given opinions on numerous new games, machines, variations of bets and competitions. Its always fun to do so and very rewarding to see a new product go live if we are able to give a favourable opinion on the legal position.


There are not many other lawyers we have come across who have spent their careers specialising in both gambling and white collar crime. We have, and when the two areas of practice overlap we are almost uniquely placed to provide experienced advice. There is no need to educate us on the gambling industry and conducting interviews under caution and defending criminal charges for white collar offences is bread and butter work. Hence we have been involved in defending a number of clients from the gambling sector against allegations that included bribery, illegal gambling, money laundering, fraud and false accounting amongst others.

Why Instruct Us

We understand the gambling sector and keep in touch with developments in the industry. We have had clients from many countries around the world and worked in all areas of gambling, whether gaming, betting, lotteries or competitions. We attend and speak at several gambling conferences through the year and follow industry news. We network with operators, software suppliers, regulators, payment providers, affiliates, consultants, in short everyone who makes up this fast moving sector. Being immersed in the industry gives us a better insight and in turn we are convinced that it puts us in a more advantaged position when giving advice. We want you to succeed.  

What You Get

What you get is dedicated and committed representation, with lots of experience of dealing with regulators and operators from around the world. We have a practical business minded, problem solving approach.  We are out there in the industry so we always want to make sure that we do our best. A good result for you is a good result for us and our reputation is one  thing that we are not willing to gamble with.

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