Food Processing

Previous work

Most of our work in the food sector has been in meat processing. We have specialised in advising abattoirs, boning halls and cutting premises for many years. We are familiar with their organisation, methods of operation and the issues they face. Being highly regulated, most breaches of food regulations are backed by criminal offences. Depending on the seriousness of a breach, The Food Standards Agency, will follow a hierarchy of enforcement and may give advice, a warning letter, or serve a Remedial Action Notice before commenting a criminal investigation. When mistakes happen its really important to tackle them properly and put in places measures to prevent a repetition, whether that consists of retraining, investment in equipment, changes in the Standard Operating Procedures, or other actions. Prevention is always better than cure and that includes effective intervention to prevent a bad situation getting worse, as the next time someone makes a mistake, you might find yourself in court.


From the farm to the consumer, there are lots of steps in the food supply chain. We have advised on investigations of alleged breaches of regulations at most stages including:

  •  animal traceability and passporting, 
  • animal welfare in the lairage, 
  • ineffective stunning at slaughter, 
  • abattoir design such as condensation contamination,
  • process line hygiene and cross contamination,
  • effective removal of Specified Risk Material
  • mislabelling.

food retail

We have experience of managing complex and time critical situations for retail suppliers such as pubs and restaurants but most work has been with supermarkets, for example:

  • pest control leading to forced store closure
  • contamination of cooked products from the deli counter
  • spoilt products
  • exceeding use by dates
  • mis-description of products
  • loss of water supply
  • non food issues such as noise complaints

Food products

Mostly in the primary or processed meat sector, we have helped clients respond to allegations about e coli outbreaks and food poisoning, mis-description of minced meat products, contamination in burgers, and mis-labelling of product boxes. We have advised on technical and other industry wide issues with European and UK legislation.

RElated regulation

Food Business Operators usually have a range of regulators to deal with, not just the Food Standards Agency. We have dealt with Trading Standards concerning alleged mis-description, the water utility companies concerning breaches of Effluent Consent, the EA and SEPA regarding waste and odours, the Local Environmental Health Teams about pest control and delivery noise, and the GLAA with respect to the use of temporary labour.

Why Instruct Us

We are enthusiastic about food production and have invested a huge amount of time and energy to learn about our clients’ businesses. We have visited the production areas of cattle, sheep and pig abattoirs many times. We have been around food manufacturing plants, fish factories, and behind the scenes at supermarkets. We have toured effluent plants and inspected blood banks, drainage systems and incinerators. We have a genuine interest in the production process and the technical operation of food businesses. 

What You Get

We have experience and sector knowledge. We know a lot of the jargon and the processes. With us you can get straight to the crux of the matter. What you will get is determined, thorough assistance to find a way through any temporary troubles, and where there is a case to answer, then we will help you to present the best mitigation you can and reduce any penalties or fines.

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