About the firm

Our History

The firm was started in 2012 by Peter after spending the previous 22 years working in medium and large legal practices in central London. During this part of his career Peter was regularly at court and conducted many civil and criminal trials on behalf of clients.  He had a parallel practice in gambling and acted for clients from around the world, also speaking regularly at international conferences including in Las Vegas, Montreal, and various European countries.

Our Values

We are an ethical firm, non secular and independent firm with an ethos of being objective, fair and transparent with our clients. We are committed to our clients and are willing to go the extra mile. We measure success by repeat work, referrals and establishing a friendly relationship built on mutual respect and professionalism.

Our approach to disputes and investigations

With many years of dealing with disputes and litigation, we know that taking the formal route is not always the best solution. If we can, we aim to resolve matters before they end up in court. Its not always possible when facing allegations of criminal offences but even then our aim is to use all efforts to avoid charges, which is obviously better than taking your chances in a trial. 

Our approach to advisory work

We see ourselves as consultants and board level advisors not just people who quote the law. Using our experience of working with businesses in many industry sectors and having run businesses ourselves, we have much to offer. We really enjoy learning about the operation of businesses and what drives the owners, directors and stakeholders.  We feel this helps us give more useful, practical and realistic advice.

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