White Collar Investigations

INvestigations we deal with

We represent clients who are facing allegations of business crime offences. Our clients may be corporations, partnerships or individuals depending on the situation and they may be located or resident in the UK or abroad. Below are some examples of the types of matters we have handled.

We do not accept instructions to defend against general crime, such as offences against the person, or driving offences. However, we can certainly refer to other experienced firms. We do not offer legal aid which might be available if charges are brought.


We have represented clients investigated and/or prosecuted for various fraud offences including:

  • Fraudulent evasion of income tax, VAT or customs duties
  • Fraud by false representation or by failing to disclose information
  • Cheating the Public Revenue
  • Conspiracy to Defraud
  • False Accounting


We can represent you if you are facing an investigation for giving or receiving a bribe, whether in the UK or abroad or, you are alleged to be in a conspiracy to bribe.
We have given anti bribery training to various organisations and assisted clients in drafting anti-bribery policies and procedures.

Money Laundering

Often money laundering allegations are added to a list of other offences that are the main focus of an investigation. However, money laundering can be charged on its own. Its a serious offence and cash may be seized in an investigation and assets frozen, in anticipation of a confiscation order if the defendant is convicted. Taking professional advice is obviously very important as the authorities do not always get things right. We have represented clients in money laundering investigations and restraint and confiscation proceedings. We have also given anti money laundering training and drafted AML policies.

Corporate offences

A company is a legal person and can commit many of the same offences as an individual. There are though some specific corporate offences, notably failure of commercial organisations to prevent bribery contrary to s. 7 of the Bribery Act 2010. We have advised in relation to this offence, and the implementation of adequate procedures which can be a defence to a charge under s.7. We can also advise on a Deferred Prosecution Agreement if that option is available and suitable. 

Why Instruct Us

Our legal practice has always been in both civil and criminal law. Having run non law businesses, been in charge of the finances of law firms, and with a background in commercial disputes, as well as white collar crime, we believe that we have a broader perspective when dealing with criminal allegations.  

What You Get

You get proactive and firm representation. We believe that time and energy spent at the early stage of an investigation can, in the right circumstances, persuade an investigatory authority to adopt an alternative route to prosecution. We will look for every opportunity to try to get you off the list of suspects and if you are charged then we will support you throughout the process with determined and objective advice. 

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