cases we handle

Below are some examples of the types of cases we deal with and a selection of our experience in different areas.

computer software

Delivery of software projects is not an exact science and they have the capacity to go wrong, sometimes failing completely to achieve the client's brief. We have helped clients on many occasions to sort out a solution and recover compensation, where necessary by taking proceedings in the Technology and Construction Court.
Another aspect of our technology dispute work is taking action for clients who have suffered from the misdeeds of others, including database theft by ex employees, extortion by hackers, and computer misuse.

Regulatory disputes

We deal with a number of different regulators including Trading Standards, the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Gangmaster and Labour Abuse Authority, the Health and Safety Executive, HMRC (tax and National Minimum Wage) and others. If you find yourself in a dispute or subject to a compliance enquiry with one or more regulators then, the chances are, we have relevant experience and can advise on how best to deal with the regulator and avoid making a problem worse.


If and when directors and/or shareholders fall out, it often involves lawyers and that is when you need strong legal support. That is exactly what you get from us and if you need to start litigation then we are experienced in corporate type actions such as minority shareholder claims.
Probably though, the most common reason for commercial disputes, is a breach of contract. The circumstances are too numerous to set out here. What we can say is that our approach is to have an eye on the big picture and always have a strategy for the end game. You will not get lost in process with us.

Other claims

We can assist you with a variety of other claims, whether you are the prospective claimant or defendant. Going to court should generally be the last resort as whatever the strength of your case, going to court is slow, expensive and can be unpredictable. Often you can achieve the desired result with managed negotiation, or a more formal Alternative Dispute Resolution process. We have a lot of experience in doing deals whilst protecting our clients interests. At the end of the day, its not about setting legal precedents or having your day in court, its about getting the right result.

Why Instruct Us

It almost goes without saying that we have a lot of experience dealing with commercial disputes and investigations. But its not just that, Peter Wilson ran businesses and had disputes and litigation before he retrained to become a lawyer. He was also asked by his former partners in one of his old law firms to deal with litigation on their behalf. So we know what its like to be involved in disputes that can be stressful, costly and distract you from running your business.  This gives us more understanding  and we want you to come out the other side feeling that you achieved the best result. 

What You Get

What you get is strong representation. Its not about being aggressive or rude. We will be polite and professional whilst fighting your case and maintaining your rights. We shall give you honest objective advice. We will always be mindful of what the eventual outcome is likely to be and feed that into the strategy we advise. We will keep you informed about what is happening, avoid legal jargon, reduce complexities and not get lost in process at the expense of material progress.  

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